Nature's Calm Music

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Nature's Calm Music provides new and original compositions written and played by Dan Thomasson from Charlotte, North Carolina. The music Dan writes is easy listening, meditative, reflective, devotional, and spiritual.  Listen to his new CD to relax, unwind after a busy day, de-stress, or even sleep. Take this opportunity to review a couple songs on "Nature's Calm - Reflective Moments." 

Mountain Streams

When Flowers Bloom

"Nature's Calm - Reflective Moments" CD contains 18 new songs totaling about 50 minutes of music.  The CD is also in Spanish, French, German, Russian, and Japanese.   Purchase this excellent CD for $10.00 (taxes included).


Contact Dan at the email address listed below to let him know how many CDs you would like to purchase.  Please leave your full contact information.

You can also purchase this CD at CITY ART WORKS, 1630 East Woodlawn Rd., Suite 267, Charlotte, NC 28209.


Dan, we would like to thank you for Nature's Calm! We were in Earth Fare last week and you so graciously gave the CD to us and we have enjoyed listening to it immensely. The warm, calming music lifts our hearts to the skies and I can say in all honesty that this will be one of our favorite CD's!! It is our kind of music!!!!
Blessings to you in the New Year~~~
Edward and Barbara, Charlotte, NC